We did it!

Thanks to hundreds of contributors gifting nearly $5.5 million, WE HAVE REACHED OUR GOAL
to fund our expansion and brighten futures for local children with special needs.


Individuals eligible for training as a Behavioral Health Professional (BHP), Educational Technicians,Targeted Case Managers, and Clinicians at all sites and locations. Qualifications ranging from high school diploma to Master’s level.

Winner of 2012 Giraffe Award!

Giraffe Awards ~Honoring Those Who “Stick Their Necks Out” for Kids~ The Children’s Center was nominated by parent Lisa Lawson and chosen by the selection committee to be presented a “Giraffe Award” from the Maine … Continued

Cony Class Supports Children’s Center

AUGUSTA, MAINE – Fifteen students from Mr. Jared Braun’s Junior class at Cony High School dedicated the morning of May 21, 2012, to some heavy-duty yard work at the Children’s Center for the United Way … Continued

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