Educational technicians & Behavioral Health Professionals at all sites & locations.
Contact Stephanie Boynton at (207) 626-3497 ext. 149 or [email protected] for more information!

Stephanie Boynton

Human Resource Assistant

[email protected]

Ext. 149

Contact For: Employment Inquiries

Bethany Drouin

Administrative Assistant

[email protected]

Ext. 128

Contact For: General Questions and Assistance

Shelley Roy

Intake Coordinator

[email protected]

Ext. 146

Contact For: Program Referrals

Chelsea Moeller

Director of Donor Engagement

[email protected]

Ext. 222

Contact For: Donor Engagement

Katelyn Pushard

Director of Development & Quality Improvement

[email protected]

Ext. 125

Contact For: Marketing & Fundraising, Quality Improvement & Auditing

Heather Dubord

Director of Finance & Human Resources

[email protected]

Ext. 130

Contact For: Fundraising & Supporter Relations, Human Resources

Linda Riley

Associate Director

[email protected]

Ext. 138

Contact For: Program Comments & Questions

Jeffrey Johnson

Executive Director

[email protected]

Ext. 123

Contact For: Official Comments, Achieving Organizational Objectives