Interested in making a difference in the lives of children and their families? Join the Joy and apply today!

Vision Statement:

A world where all young children have the opportunity to live life to the fullest.


Mission Statement:

The Children’s Center empowers young children with special needs and their families to reach their full potential.


Guiding Principles:

1. Evidenced-Based, Early Interventions
Research-driven methods provide a foundation for individualized programming. The sooner
children with special needs receive specialized interventions, the greater progress they can
make in a shorter amount of time. They can develop the neurotransmitter pathways necessary
for communication and behavioral responses easier and quicker than if they began receiving
these same services once they have reached school age. We can help create a foundation for
stronger human connections and more meaningful relationships.

2. Family-Centered
We focus on empowering families by providing them with information and resources required
to support the unique needs of their child at the Center and at home. No one knows a child
better than his or her family. We encourage them to provide feedback and make decisions for
their child based on the information provided, their lifestyles, and personal values. Family input
is a key consideration in program delivery for each individual child.

3. Inclusive
Research and experience demonstrate that interventions are most effective when delivered in
an inclusive environment where children with special needs learn amongst their peers. Children
who are typically developing become peer role models for their friends with special needs while
also learning empathy and understanding that every individual has their own strengths and
specific challenges.

4. Individualized
Each child with special needs receives an individualized treatment plan with goals and objectives
based on the specific needs of that child. We track data on specific goals to inform staff on how
children can best progress. Staff use that data to make to objectives to best support a child
achieving her or his goals.

5. Multidisciplinary
We strive to meet the needs of all children by offering quality programs a continuum of services
in one location. Our multidisciplinary team includes board certified behavioral analysts,
clinicians, occupational therapists, social workers, special educators, and speech and language
pathologists. Each expert brings a unique perspective to develop a comprehensive
understanding of the child as a whole.