We did it!

Thanks to hundreds of contributors gifting nearly $5.5 million, WE HAVE REACHED OUR GOAL
to fund our expansion and brighten futures for local children with special needs.


Individuals eligible for training as a Behavioral Health Professional (BHP), Educational Technicians,Targeted Case Managers, and Clinicians at all sites and locations. Qualifications ranging from high school diploma to Master’s level.

Helping Children With Our Early Intervention Programs

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  • Inclusive Early Education

    Featuring Inclusive and Specialized Settings The Children’s Center offers much need childcare as well as special education services within inclusive and specialized settings depending on the child’s needs at our location in Augusta. Our programs … Continued

  • Pediatric Therapies

    The Children’s Center offers Occupational Therapy and Speech & Language Therapy at our location in Augusta. Occupational Therapy Licensed Occupational Therapists and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants provide children with positive, fun activities to help them … Continued

  • Specialized Programs

    The Children’s Center provides an Autism Program and Behavioral Support Program in all locations. Autism Program The program provides specialized services to young children ages 3-5 diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder in a specialized … Continued